Saturday, February 6, 2016

Changes they are a coming

10 inch and 8 inch 6 color Rybec mills - Dailey Woodworking

This was originally posted on 12/31/2015

Some things are inevitable and change is one of those things. Just like the new year replacing the old year, changes are going to happen. I've decided to make a change with my blog, The Dailey Grind.  It's always been a blog written by me and mostly about things here at Dailey Woodworking. I'm still going to be doing those things but it's going to take place here on my site now and the link to the blog is . For The Dailey Grind blog I'm changing the focus a little bit. I envision The Dailey Grind to be more of a site where you can find woodturning techniques, maybe with some carving and air brushing thrown in. To that end I've invited a few people to write about different topics that they are familiar with. But the biggest change is that I want to get out of my shop and shed some light on other Maine artists and artisans. I want to show you their work and their shops and what they are passionate about and why. Make sure to follow the Dailey Grind and take the journey with me around the state of Maine. It's going to be fun because I really don't have a plan as to which artisan you meet first.